System upgrade


Hi all

We have upgraded the OJS website to 3.3, which gave our website a completely new look. The website seems slightly easier to navigate, but you might find yourself in a situation where a link for which you previously knew where it is and knew what it does, does not do the same thing or is not located in the same place. 

We had to do this update as the previous version had some security issues (it was very easy to create fake accounts and this slowed down the website etc.).

The only issue with the new update we noticed so far is that it uses different encoding, which means that everyone with a non ASCII character in their name will have to manually change the name in their profile. Non ASCII characters (i.e. š, č, ž, ł, ö, ä, á, ę etc.) can be used normally (just like they were eariler), but as encoding changed, they cannot be read properly from the old database. So please reenter your name in your profile, if it looks funny (=illegible).