The OVS order in Russian: Where are the O and the V?


  • Asya Pereltsvaig


OVS, scope freezing


The non-canonical OVS order is Russian is reconsidered and argued to be derived not by a head-final vP- or VP-fronting (as, for example, in Kalin’s (2014) analysis of Hixkaryana), nor by fronting the O into a left-peripheral position. Rather, it is argued that Russian OVS is derived by A movement of the object into Spec-TP. Furthermore, the Fronted VP Scope Freezing diagnostic is used to show that there is no (remnant) verb phrase fronting in the derivation of the Russian OVS. It is also argued that the verb does not raise via Head Movement. It thus follows that the post-verbal position of the S is derived by a rightward movement of the subject to a low adjoined position.




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Pereltsvaig, A. “The OVS Order in Russian: Where Are the O and the V?”. Journal of Slavic Linguistics, vol. 29, no. FASL 28 extra issue, Dec. 2021,