A. N. Baranov and D. O. Dobrovol’skij: Osnovy frazeologii (kratkij kurs): Učeb. Posobie


  • Ludmila Pöppel stockholm university


The work under review is devoted to questions of phraseology such as the category of idiomaticity and the idiom, the specific characteristics of phraseology as a special part of the lexicon, the classification of phrasemes (multiword or fixed expressions), features of their semantics, stylistics, and syntactical behavior, the cultural specifics of the phraseology of different languages, aspects of translation, etc. Although the book is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students, it is obviously also a scholarly monograph addressed to linguistic specialists in phraseology, lexical semantics, and lexicography. Consisting of an introduction and ten chapters, it presents, on the basis of examples and in a lively, accessible form, the basic theoretical problems of phraseology and describes the peculiarities of entire classes of phraseological units. Illustrations are drawn from Russian, often in comparison with other languages, mostly English and German. Problems at the end of each section are intended to help the reader independently analyze phrasemes using the theoretical notions presented in the text. As an additional aid to the reader, each chapter is followed by a brief list of books and articles relevant to the topics treated in that chapter. The book is based on the conception of phraseology developed by the authors over the course of many years and discussed in a number of their scholarly works.




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Pöppel, L. “A. N. Baranov and D. O. Dobrovol’skij: Osnovy Frazeologii (kratkij kurs): Učeb. Posobie”. Journal of Slavic Linguistics, vol. 23, no. 1, June 2015, pp. 153-60, https://ojs.ung.si/index.php/JSL/article/view/344.



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