The following standardized linguistic abbreviations are employed in JSL. This is a revised list from that published in volume 4, number 1. No such list can be exhaustive, of course, and other abbreviations may be introduced freely for the purposes of a particular article, where they should be noted. Authors may also alter standard abbreviations if necessary (including possible capitalization). These abbreviations are used both in glosses and running text, although we do not insist upon maximum use of abbreviations in the text. Following the guidelines in the Chicago Manual of Style, lowercase abbreviations in running text should be followed by periods (i.e., nom., refl., just as fn., e.g., etc.). Abbreviated languages and language families are an exception: When the final letter is lowercase, the abbreviation should not be followed by a period so as to be consistent with those that are fully capitalized. When abbreviations are given in full capital letters, they should not be followed by a period.

This will be available on the JSL website (, along with the Style Sheet published in volume 23, number 1.




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