Numeral Phrases as Subjects and Agreement with Participles and Predicative Adjectives


  • Jacek Witkoś Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań image/svg+xml
  • Dominika Dziubała-Szrejbrowska Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań image/svg+xml


The aim of this article is to briefly analyze the agreement patterns in Polish constructions with quantified subjects and participial/adjectival predicates. The analysis addresses two troublesome issues: the Genitive of Quantification, i.e., the source of Genitive on the nominal complement in structural contexts, and the optionality in agreement in case between the participial/adjectival predicate and the numeral (≥ 5) or the noun of the quantified subject. The essential part of the proposal is based on the nanosyntactic approach to the nature of case, i.e., the split Kase Phrase (Caha 2009, 2010). The analysis is concerned with the functional sequence of the extended nominal projection and its role in the syntactic derivation of case.




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Witkoś , J., and D. . Dziubała-Szrejbrowska. “Numeral Phrases As Subjects and Agreement With Participles and Predicative Adjectives”. Journal of Slavic Linguistics, vol. 24, no. 1, June 2016, pp. 225-60,