From The Editor



As you may have heard if you have been following the Society’s calls for applications to take over the Journal of Slavic Linguistics, I plan to step down as Editor-in-Chief at the end of this year. Since JSL 25(2) is a special guest-edited issue, this will in all likelihood be my last From the Editor column. While I won’t be completely disappearing—I plan on continuing other types of involvement with the Slavic Linguistics Society and am likely to keep a hand in the journal as well for a while—I do look forward to a break. I have enjoyed 25 years giving birth to, weaning, and helping JSL to walk on its own. I now have put it up for adoption by SLS, under the stewardship of which it has matured and eventually become self-sufficient. It is, I feel, high time for new leadership and new directions. As noted, the Society is in the midst of conducting a search for some individual(s) to replace me, and our expectation is that this will be resolved over the next few months. So I hope that when we reconvene in Ljubljana in September you will be able to meet the new editor(s) and discuss your ideas for the journal.




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