Introduction: JSL Silver Anniversary Issue



This issue of Journal of Slavic Linguistics celebrates its Silver Anniversary. Yes, though you may not have noticed (time flies when you are having fun), JSL has now been appearing uninterrupted for 25 years. When it gets down to it, for an academic journal the cliché is truth—survival is success. And for a new journal to have survived for the past 25 years is no small feat. The time of JSL’s existence since volume 1, issue 1, in 1993 has spanned many changes, including that from a fairly pre-digital age to our hyper-digital one (here I would point out that early on one article by a respected Slavist was submitted in handwritten form), as well as the transition from the academic (and Slavistic) structures of the Cold-War era to a new age, and numerous changes in the field of linguistics (such as the ascendance of usage-based and sociological approaches to language and quantitative methods alongside formal approaches). These changes, in one way or another, are reflected in the pages of JSL.




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