P. V. Graščenkov. Grammatika prilagatel'nogo. Tipologija ad’’jektivnosti i atributivnosti. [Grammar of adjective. Typology of adjectivity and attributivity]. Moscow: Izdatel’skij Dom JaSK, 2018. 432 pp.


  • Egor Tsedryk Saint Mary's University


It seems inconceivable to describe syntactic properties of a given language without reference to parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, and so on). They are inherited from traditional grammars of well-known languages and are usually taken for granted. Nonetheless, one may wonder whether or not they are universal and how languages encode them in their systems. Focusing on the adjective, Graščenkov (hereafter: G) in his book scrutinizes the morphosyntactic properties of this category from a crosslinguistic perspective, with Russian being the most representative (in addition to being the language of the book).



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