Polish politeness markers as a window into person-feature valuation


  • Ivona Kučerová McMaster University
  • Adam Szczegielniak Rutgers


phases, politness markers, feature valuation, variable agreement


This paper presents novel evidence for Polish nominals being phases. The core of the argument comes from the interaction between the size of a nominal domain and the corresponding person-feature valuation. While an nP-size nominal structure only exhibits feature valuation within the narrow-syntax module, the DP-size nominal structure exhibits interface feature interactions. Since interface interactions can only arise during spell-out, the corresponding nominal domain, i.e., DP, must be a phase and D must be a phase head that triggers spell-out. The empirical focus of this paper is on a syntactic variation in the domain of politeness markers in Polish (pan.m/ pani.f).




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Kučerová, I., and A. Szczegielniak. “Polish Politeness Markers As a Window into Person-Feature Valuation”. Journal of Slavic Linguistics, vol. 29, no. FASL 28 extra issue, Dec. 2021, https://ojs.ung.si/index.php/JSL/article/view/152.